Exploring the McNay Art Museum: I love my city series

“A room full of lights all to ourselves for 60 seconds!”

mcnay 16

Last week my little family and I spend a beautiful Sunday exploring the McNay Art Museum. It had been years since I had been there. In fact, the last time was freshman year of College for an extra credit project, and before that was for a photoshoot! So yes, I guess you could say this was my first time really exploring this beautiful place in its entirety as an adult, and I’m so glad I got to experience the day with my husband and son!

Of course, my main motivation for this visit was to see the stunning “Immersed: Local to Global Art Sensations” exhibit before it closed September 2nd. The exhibit featured a light installation in a mirrored room in which you had 60 seconds to enjoy all its beauty. Only two to three people were allowed in the installation at once so it worked out perfectly for my little family to have our own private viewing. The best way to describe this installation, is that it’s as if you are walking in to space with what seems like an infinite amount of lights flashing on and then slowly fading to darkness. Ok ok..I know I’ve never been to space obviously, but that’s the vibe for sure! The experience was unique and made for an awesome photo for Instagram. Oh, and if you aren’t from the San Antonio area, but you want to experience a similar light installation, check with your local art museums because I’ve seen similar exhibits in other cities across the country in photos on Instagram. Maybe one of those cities is near you!

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If you don’t plan on visiting any of the current exhibits at the McNay, just know that the grounds itself are well worth the visit. The McNay grounds are very green, charming, and picturesque with fountains, flowers, and beautiful wall art. I can see why so many brides take their bridal photos here.

doormcnay 13mcnay 10

The baby sure did have fun looking at the koi fish pond with John. The fish pond and fountain are the focal point of the courtyard.

mcnay 11

Make sure to climb the stairs to the second floor to catch the view from above. The first thing I noticed at the top was the beautiful tiled floor. It had a very spanish feel to it. Then of course the nice view overlooking the grounds is a pretty sight!

mcnay 2

Another must see when visiting the McNay are these gorgeous colorful tiled stairs in the courtyard. These stairs are a popular Instagram photo with us locals. In fact, if you google the McNay Art Museum, you’ll find a lot of photos of these stairs. I was excited to do a mini-shoot with the baby and I on the stairs. Isn’t he a natural? 😉

mcnay 9stairs mama 2mcnay 8stairs baby

On the way out (or in) be sure to snap this pic by the LOVE statue! You can find it outside to the right of the main entrance doors. I meant to ask someone to snap a photo with all of us and the statue but, in the excitement of buying our Immersed tickets I unfortunately forgot…but at least I got one of my toddler!


My final thoughts….I hope my visit and experience has inspired you to explore this beautiful place in my city. Art lover or not, there is something peaceful and beautiful about this Museum that I think anyone could enjoy. Oh..and the McNay has new hours now as well to take note of as of September 4th, so be sure to check the Mcnay Art Museum website before heading out there. They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Admission is free for kids and teens. Adults are $10 dollars. There is free parking on the grounds. If you want to take advantage of free admission then stop by Thursdays from 5-9pm or on the first Sunday of the month. Just expect a lot more people on these days and possibly waiting in line to get in.

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