The Best View from Mount Bonnell

mount bonnel view

Always chasing views! Living in Texas, there’s always something or somewhere to explore just around the corner. Last week, my husband and I took a short drive from San Antonio to Mount Bonnell in Austin, and the views were so worth it!

bonnell 3

If you aren’t familiar with Mount Bonnell, it’s also known as Covert Park. It’s a high point in Austin overlooking the Austin Skyline, Lake Austin, and the Colorado River. It has been a popular tourist destination since the 1850s, and is now officially considered a historic landmark.

Driving up the hills to Covert park is windy and scenic. The homes in the area are absolutely beautiful. Be sure to put the address for Covert Park in your phone, not Mount Bonnell. We did the reverse and got a little lost for a few minutes. Once you arrive, parking is free along the street side. Then you will see a short flight of stairs to the top. One hundred stairs to be exact. It’s an easy walk up. I did it in flip-flops!


Once you get to the top of the stairs you will see a few monuments explaining the history of Covert Park, along with a little park to walk around. The first view you will see is this one!


To the left, you’ll see a small walking trail through some rocky terrain. Follow it, and you’ll be rewarded with the best views! There’s a small picnic table to sit or put your items down. From this spot, you can see the Austin skyline in the distance beyond the hills. It’s absolutely beautiful. We were there during the late afternoon, but I imagine at sunset it’s even more magical…and crowded!

austin skyline

From the same spot looking to the right you can also see another stunning view of Lake Austin, the Colorado River, and all the beautiful waterfront homes. This was the view I came for! What do you think?

skyline 2bonnell 4bonnel homes on waterselfie mount bonnell

Some final thoughts: To me, this is a must do activity if in the Austin area. If you have kids/babies you can bring them along just fine. Just keep in mind the stairs obviously aren’t stroller friendly. Also, this could be an activity where you hang out and watch the sunset, but if you are on a major time crunch, you could climb to the top, take your photos, and climb back down in 30 mins.

Well my beautiful friends, I hope you enjoyed this post. If so, please comment below and let me know your thoughts. New blog posts up every Monday. New YouTube videos up every Wednesday. For an even better visual, see the travel vlog for Mount Bonnel here: Mount Bonnell Travel Vlog


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