The Most Instagram Worthy San Antonio Restaurants: I Love my City Series

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Rainbow sprinkled Churros, festive ceilings, sunset views from above, colorful umbrellas lined along the San Antonio River Walk. These are just a few of the amazing photo opportunities the San Antonio restaurant scene has to offer. If you follow this blog, then you know I love exploring my city and finding the best spots to take photos. So, in the post I’ve put together a list of the top 10 most instagramable restaurnats in San Antonio. So, let’s get right in to it in no particular order. By the way, this is part two of the series. If you missed part one you can check it out here: Top Instagram Photos in San Antonio Texas

Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery

mi tierra

Mi Tierra is eye candy restaurant goals! It’s colorfully decorated and home to the most photographed ceiling in San Antonio. If you come here, you can enjoy some Tex-Mex food and their famous pan dulce on your way out. Oh…and if you want that fun Instagram picture with Mariachis serenading you, this is the spot! Mi Tierra is open 24 hours a day, and is located in the historic Market Square in downtown San Antonio.

La Gloria

La Gloria is not only a great place for taking photos, but the food is absolutely delicious as well, so it’s a win win! It’s Mexican cuisine but with a modern twist. There are several locations to choose from, but my personal favorite is the Dominion location (pictured below). The location at the Pearl Brewery is the original and most popular. Either of these two locations have great Gram potential. Enjoy snapping pics of the colorful food, decorative patio, or on the wall mural with the angel wings.

la gloria 1la gloria 3la gloria 4

Rise Up

rise 1rise 2

This is a great place if you love yummy acai bowls and pretty food. My favorite photos to take here are on the hanging hammock chairs, and by the “uh huh honey” sign holding my colorful acai bowl of course! This restaurant is most known for its tasty acai bowls, but they also offer other healthy smoothies and lunch/dinner options.

Viva Tacoland

taco walltaco land pic

I recently visited this spot for the first time in Southtown San Antonio. It definitely has that trendy vibe with live music and art spread out throughout the bar/restaurant. It also overlooks part of the San Antonio River Walk. The must take photo here is by the “I love tacos so much” wall. If I’m being absolutely honest the tacos here are not my favorite, but again you can take some really great photos here and still have a great time!

Tower of the Americas

tower 2towertower

Ok, I’m cheating a little bit here, because although there is a restaurant located at the top of the Tower called Chart House, it’s not my favorite, and you can actually get the same view from the top observation deck. So, that’s what I’m recommending. Just pay to go to the top of the 750 foot tower (the elevator views to the top alone are worth it) buy a drink at the bar, and take in the stunning 360 panoramic views. My favorite time is at sunset.

Casa Rio

casa rio 2casa rio

You can’t come to San Antonio and not take that iconic picture drinking a margarita and eating your chips and salsa on the River Walk! There are plenty of restaurants to choose from along the River Walk, but personally I am recommending Casa Rio. This is the oldest restaurant on the River Walk (since 1946) and also the spot with all the colorful umbrellas. If you Google the San Antonio River walk, this restaurant area pops up a lot, so you’ll probably recognize it right away! You can sit at the restaurant and watch the boats go by while snapping a picture, but I also recommend taking a photo from across the restaurant by the bridge with all of the umbrellas in the background. So Instagram worthy!


ocho 4OCHO 3ocho 2

This is my new favorite brunch spot of the moment! Ocho is located at Hotel Havana in downtown San Antonio. The outside is picturesque with greenery, and the inside has beautiful chandeliers and table decor overlooking the River Walk. Side note, no professional photography or video allowed here so phone pics will have to do! It’s a bit pricier here too, but the food is tasty and the drinks are delicious!

Paramour Bar

pris 6pris 1

Also located in downtown San Antonio, this rooftop bar is an Instagramers heaven! It has views of the San Antonio River Walk, and the downtown Skyline.  You can even see the Tower of the Americas from the outside patio. From the moment you walk in, you will be blown away with all of the trendy decor, furniture, and light up signs. The outside patio has the same vibe! Yes, it’s not an actual restaurant. During the day it’s just tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages, and then come evening time you can enjoy bar food. This is a must see spot though if you are looking for a unique place to get a drink with a view!



churro close up

This spot just recently opened up on the South East Side of San Antonio. I’ve only been here once but the churro was yummy and the photo was even better!


burgerteca 2burgerteca

This is the newest burger spot in town owned by local celebrity Chef Johnny Hernandez (also owns La Gloria) so you know it’s yummy and vibrant. It’s located in South Town near downtown San Antonio. The inside is decorative and colorful, and the outside patio and bar is equally festive! Make sure you come early to grab a seat inside because it gets pretty packed, especially on the weekends.

So whether you live in town and are trying to up your social media game, or you are planning to visit my colorful city soon, I hope this post gave you some great photo opportunity ideas. If you enjoyed this post please leave me a comment below. New blog posts up every Monday. New YouTube videos up every Wednesday. To see the video for this post click here: Top Instagram Spots in San Antonio: Restaurant Editon

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