How to Achieve a Modern Halloween Dining Table


It’s October!!! And that means fun fall activities, cooler weather, and spooky Halloween decorating! I happen to be a big fan of Halloween, and ever since my husband and I moved in to our home almost four years ago, I’ve been busy accumulating my Halloween decor. I decorate the usual fire-place mantle, front yard, and living room shelving however, this post is going to focus specifically on decorating one of the focal points of your home…your dining table! I love a well-decorated, well put-together dining table any day…and Halloween is no different! So, if you don’t know where to start, or maybe you just want a few new ideas to hold you over through all the Halloween parties you are hosting, I’m here to help you out! Oh, and the best part is that all these pieces below are more on the affordable side. A few of these pieces I’ve accumulated over the years (but have been restocked for you) and several of these pieces I just got this year (yes, I’m stepping up my game)! So let’s get started!

Shocktails Plastic Charger

DSC_1279 - Copy

This is your starter piece that’s serves as the foundation for your plate set. This charger is from Party City. It’s thirteen inches and has a shiny black look to it. The edges are also embellished giving it a gothic vibe, which of course is just perfect for Halloween. I also like how the shape of the charger is more square with rounded edges, and even though these chargers are just plastic, I’ve used them for two years now and they are very durable. You can buy them individually in store or online at Party City for $2.99 each. What I like most about these chargers is that they hold their own, meaning they make quite the statement all on their own. Their a solid, affordable yet modern find to style up your Halloween table.

Skeleton Plates

DSC_1282 - Copy

This is a new find for my table this year from Home Goods. Ok, so if you shop at Home Good often like me, then you know how it goes with this store. Buying items online is not practical, and items vary at each location from store to store. However, I can tell you that Home Good has some of the most unique Halloween decor you can get your hands on, like these plates! They are black and white porcelain, with skeleton detail on them. They come four to a box. So, if your table seats six like mine does, you’ll have to buy two boxes and just save the extra in case one brakes. I apologize, but I could not find the plate set online to link for you, but I promise if you stop by your local Home Goods store you’re bound to find the same or similar plate set. Tip: If you find a set but need more and you can’t find them in the store, ask for a Manager to run the scu-number in their system, because chances are they are more in the back or at a different location (speaking from experience here)! Place these plates on top of your chargers and you’ve upped your Halloween table instantly! Oh, and if for reason you do not have time or do not want breakable dinner plates then just get festive Halloween decorated paper plates over the chargers I recommended and your table will still look great. This is what I did the last several years and was totally fine! However, I still suggest eventually investing a good Halloween dinner plate set.

Orange glitter pumpkin

DSC_1291DSC_1289 - Copy
These little cuties are just perfect to spice up any Halloween table. They are light weight and very glittery, which I love. They add that perfect pop of orange to your Halloween table. What I do is place the smallest ones on the center of my dinner plate to serve as the decorative piece that pulls the whole plate set together. Right now, you can snag these for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. They have different sizes that range anywhere from one to five dollars each. I suggest buying a few other sizes as well so that you can get creative and use the other sizes to compliment your main center piece (which I’ll get to in a bit).

Black water goblet

DSC_1281 - Copy

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these water goblets! They are black, shiny, and give off that gothic feel, which of course is very appropriate for a Halloween table. I actually saw them last year, but didn’t get a chance to add them on to my table until this year. They sell these in sets of four at Khols, but I needed six so I did some research and found an online company that sells each one individually. Yes! Each one will cost you $7.99. Add this to the mix and this is what your plate set will basically look like!


Oh, and in case you’re wondering about silverware… I haven’t personally found the perfect utensil set just yet (hopefully I’ll find one for next year) so for now I’ll just use a very basic black plastic set from Party City. Of course there’s much more to your table besides just the plate set. So, lets move on to some other elements.

Fuzzy spiders (similar)


Ok, so I bought my fuzzy spiders from Dollar Tree, but it was several years ago and I could not find them on their website to link on here for you, so I found some similar ones that come as an eight count from Walmart. What I like to do with these spiders in place about five or six sporadically around my table. I have fun with it! So, I might put one crawling up a plate and a few others around my centerpiece. Truthfully, my table would not be as spooky without these spiders so don’t overlook this step!

Black pumpkin centerpiece (similar)

DSC_1276 - Copy

I bought this large faux leather pumpkin last year from Burlington, but I also saw it just a few weeks ago at Home Goods, and it was the exact same one for $5.99. I tried to find this piece online to link for you, but couldn’t so I’ve linked a very similar one from Michaels. What I like to do is use a larger embellished black pumpkin as the main centerpiece for my table. Then, you can place those smaller to medium-sized sparkly orange pumpkins that I mentioned earlier around it. In the end, this is how mine looks.


Skeleton prop  (similar & cheaper)


Ok, we’re almost done! To finish out your modern Halloween table strong, just add a fun skeleton prop to the head of your table. I’ve had this one for years and we’ve nick named him Mr. Bones (I know, I know very original lol), but I’ll tell ya if you have kids they’ll love it!


Well, it’s as simple as that! I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this post, and even more so that I’ve inspired you to glam up your Halloween dining table! Again, all these pieces are super affordable and easy to get your hands on since most are available both in store and online. If you end up using any of these ideas leave me a comment below and share your pics! I’d love to see! Oh and be sure to subscribe to this blog for more style posts like this! New blog posts every Monday. New YouTube videos up every Wednesday!

To see the video for this “how to” just click here!

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