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Tis the season! Can you believe just a few days ago we were celebrating Thanksgiving? Then Black Friday took over, and now it’s already Cyber Monday! I feel like the holidays always go by so fast, but that’s probably because of all the crazy busy fun we get to have….from decorating, to gift shopping, to all the Christmas traditions. One of my personal favorite Christmas traditions is decorating our tree! This is something I look forward to every year. I always have those few ornaments that are extra special, or just EXTRA if you know what I mean 😉 and of course, every year I also try to add a few new ones to the mix. I recently took advantage of some Black Friday sales and made a few ornament purchases. So, I thought I’d do a little ornament haul for you in case you need a little inspiration to decorate that gorgeous tree of yours! A few of these ornaments I’ve had for a few years, but luckily they have all been restocked for you. Enjoy!

Red Velvet Poinsettia Clip Ornament


I love anything poinsettia for Christmas in my home, and that includes a beautiful poinsettia ornament! I have accumulated several poinsettia ornaments over the years, but this year I finally found a stunner red velvet poinsettia ornament from Pier One to add to my collection. It truly is a beauty and adds some red elegance to my tree. The ornament itself is on the larger side (10″W) which is great because then you only have to purchase a handful to spread out on the tree. This ornament is deep red in color with gold trim, and has glitter and beads in the center. It clips on your tree as well which of course makes sense for the kind of ornament that it is. Overall, I love this poinsettia ornament, and highly recommend it for your tree. All ornaments are currently buy one get one 50% off at Pier One.

White Poinsettia with clip


I purchased several of these white poinsettia ornaments a few years ago, and they really were a great find. They are also larger in size (9.5″ W), and white with silver leaf embellishments on them. I’ll admit the material is not as fancy as the red velvet poinsettia ornaments from Pier one, but these are still a great find because they look gorgeous on the tree and are only $3.99 each! What a steal! I love sporadically placing these poinsettia ornaments throughout my tree. At Home carries these in silver as well. I have both! If you do like these you’ll have to make the purchase in store because they are not sold online.

Bow Bridge hand painted glass ornament


This is a very special ornament that I purchased last year during our New York City Christmas vacation. I bought it at the Central Park gift shop, but guess what? You can purchase it online too! Now, I’m assuming this ornament is not for everybody, but if you have any kind of special connection to NYC or Central Park in any way then you will love this ornament. The ornament itself is adapted from photographs taken by the official historian and photographer of Central Park Conservancy, and is hand-painted from the inside which means that no two pieces are ever identical. How awesome is that? Central Park, NYC is inscribed on the side, and each ornament is packaged in a gift box. This ornament is $19.99 plus tax/shipping.

Textured year glass ornament


I know Shutterfly has been around for a while, but I only just discovered it a few years ago when we moved in to our first home. I use Shutterfly to make special personalized gifts, but I’ve also had several ornaments made, both for myself and as gifts for others! I can highly recommend this for good quality unique pieces. I think Shutterfly is on the more pricy side, but if you take advantage during 50% off (like today for Cyber Monday), then it’s not so bad! I bought this textured year glass ornament in 2015 as a way to remember our first European trip, and it came out so beautifully as you can see! The layout includes four photos, and the year in the middle. Tip: This ornament is glass, so if you have kids I suggest placing up higher on the tree.

Bokeh triangles glass ornament


This is another ornament I had made with Shutterfly. It’s the Bokeh triangles glass ornament. As you can see it is square, with a triangle trimmed pattern design. It comes with a little tie string to hang it, and overall looks very modern and classy. I get compliments on it all the time. You can personalize a small messgge or date on it as well.

Silver beaded ornament


This is a new ornament I just got this Black Friday from Pier One. Isn’t it so sparkly and pretty?! It’s silver, beaded, and covered in sequence. It really stands out amongst all the bling on my tree! For some reason, the ornament selection online verses in store differs quite a bit, so several of the ornaments I just bought in store a few days ago I can’t actually specifically link for you, but if you go in store you will find them! Again, right now at Pier One it’s buy one get one 50% off on anything Christmas!

“G” letter ornament


This is another ornament I just bought in store this Black Friday from Pier One. They have all the letters, but of course it varies from store to store. I was lucky this year, because last year I was shopping at the Pier One location that I frequent the most, and they did not have the “G” which I wanted of course for “Gutierrez” and “gutierrezfamilysa” 😉 But this year I found it! So, if you are wanting a letter ornament just call ahead to your local Pier One first to see if they have it. This ornament is the cutest by the way. It is silver and majorly embellished with glitter and gems.

Paris Eiffel Tower ornament


This is another favorite ornament of mine from Pier One. I actually bought it a few years ago, but they re-stock it every year (I don’t currently see it online though). They have it in two different shades of silver, one darker and one lighter. I have the lighter one and it’s the cutest. For me, Paris just holds a special place in my heart because it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, and I’ll never forget the pure joy I felt seeing the Tower twinkle! This ornament is a reminder of that special memory 🙂 If you like Paris decor you need this ornament!

So what do you think about these ornament pieces? Comment below and let me know your current ornament obsessions! I really hope you enjoyed this style blog post and Christmas ornament haul. If so, don’t forget to subscribe. New posts every Monday. New YouTube videos every Wednesday. For daily content check out my Instagram page 😉 Happy Cyber Monday loves and happy holidays!

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