How to Style Your Christmas Dining Table | Featuring Pier 1 Imports & Bed Bath & Beyond


Happy December! I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. Two weeks our and counting! There’s always so much to do between present shopping, wrapping gifts, hanging lights, getting your holiday outfits together for your fam…the list goes on! I personally love all this though, and the one thing I love the most is decorating my home for Christmas. I’d like to think I go all out for the most part, but the one thing I am exceptinally proud of is my holiday table setting. Since John and I first moved in to our home almost four years ago, I’ve continued to add a little more to my table every year, and this year was no different! If you’re stomped on where or how to start decoring your table, I’ve got you covered in this style post. The majority of these pieces are from Pier 1 Imports and currently on sale. So, let’s get right in to it!

Silver sparkly snowflake placemat


The first piece to start this off, is this silver sparkly snowflake placemat from Pier 1 Imports. I actually purchased these about three years ago. On camera they look a lot more toned down, but in person they are quite sparkly and glittery. The placemat is basically made up of several silver leaf pieces on top of a white material. I love how festive these are. The only thing I do not like about them is that I’ve noticed they are very fragile. As I mentioned, I’ve only had these for a few years, and other than the six weeks they are out on my table they are just put away, and yet I’ve noticed a few ends start to tear a bit. It’s not bad to the point that I do not recommend them. I just wanted to give you the heads up. Also, I can’t currently find these online to link for you, but they do have them in select stores (I just saw them in store at my local location). I went ahead and linked a white snowflake placemat as an additional option for you.

Red dinner plate

red plate

Ok, so since I decided to go with mostly a red and silver Christmas theme, on top of my silver placemat I’ve gone with this red dinner plate from Pier 1. Right off the bat, I have to tell you I do not think this one I have pictured here has been restocked unfortunately. It’s definitely not offered online, but you may be able to find in store. What I love about it is the deep red color with the slight gold trim. I can tell you that Pier One does offer two very similar options. I linked one above. The only difference is that it does not have gold trim. Again, these plates are vibrant red, porcelain, and very durable.

White and gold salad plate

salad plate

Next up is your salad plate. I bought this design a few years ago from Pier 1. They are white porcelain with gold trim, and the design wording says “peace, cheer, hope.” Again, don’t kill me, but it looks like Pier One has not restocked these either, but don’t worry this is just to give you a basic idea, and of course I have linked above a similar holiday themed salad plate that is just as cute!

Red poinsettia appetizer plate


Game changer! These red poinsettia appetizer plates are the cutest! You can find them at Pier 1. I first spotted them last year, but they were low in stock so I finally made the purchase this year. They are hand painted glass with red and gold. They are shiny and look very elegant, especially in person. Also, I should mention that these plates are technically salad plates, so you could use them as salad plates if you’d like. I use them as appetizer plates because they are on the smaller side, which basically means that they fit just perfectly over a regular sized salad plate. These poinsettia plates are currently on clearance for $5.98. Tip: If you love these plates, Pier One offers a matching larger plate that is just perfect for plating your deserts.

Red wine glasses


Next up is the glassware. I’m obsessed with these red wine glasses from Pier 1. I bought them last year and they are just beautiful on my table. I get compliments on them all the time. They are a deep red color with a slight modern glittery design on them. If you love these like me, you can currently only get them in store, but don’t worry if you prefer to buy online I found some very similar ones also from Pier One. I’ve linked them above for you.

Silver glam napkin

table 1

In photos, these cloth napkins look more white, but in person they are like a very subtle silver color. They are described as “glam” napkins, because that’s exactly what they are! They are made of cotton and metallic thread. They match just perfect with the Christmas theme! You can also find them at Pier 1.

Snowflake napkin rings

napkin plate

One new purchase I made this year are these gorgeous, elegant, rhinestone beaded snowflake napkin rings from Bed Bath and Beyond. I actually remember seeing these in store last year, but at the time I had other napkin rings so I passed, but deep down I really wanted them! So, this year I made it happen. They are offered in store or online, and right now are only $14.99 for a set of 4. That’s cheaper than what I paid just a few weeks ago. Truthfully, they are so much more beautiful in person. You will definitely feel like you own the most elegant napkin rings EVER with these!

Once pulled all together, this is what my completed plate set looks like 🙂

table 2

Of course, there’s more to your table than just the plate set. So, here are a few more added touches that will bring everything together! I like the center of my table to be both a focal theme point, as well as balanced, so I’m going to show you the three pieces that I use for my center piece.

Striped peppermint glass candy plate


How cute is this peppermint glass candy plate? Oh, it’s definitely the sweetest!  It’s hand painted red and clear, and is just perfect for the holiday season. I use mine as part of the center piece. I pack it with peppermints, but come dinner time you can use it for bread, fruit, desert, or whatever you see fit! It really is made so well, and looks a lot more expensive than it really is! You can snag this piece from Pier 1. It’s currently on clearance for $8.98.

Present candy jar with red bow


I use this present shaped candy jar as a second centerpiece on my table. It compliments the peppermint candy plate quite well. It’s thick hand painted glass that’s clear and red, and has a red glass bow on top too. I fill it with more candy canes and it’s just perfect! This would be a great gift too! This piece is so well made and looks a lot more expensive than it is. It’s currently on clearance for $14.98 from Pier 1. Enjoy!

Glimmer deer


Lastly, as the main focal point of my dining table is my reindeer decor. I actually have several different silver sparkly reindeer that I switch out. The one pictured here is from Big Lots, but the one I’ve linked for you is a very similar piece from Z Gallerie. If you can’t tell, I love to sparkle it up for the holidays, especially with my décor. So, I think a center piece like this is just ideal.

In the end, this is what my entire table setting looks like! I’m really happy with how it turned out this year, and now I’m totally ready to host an upcoming holiday party!

table 3

So, what do you think about these pieces? Don’t forget to leave me a comment below, and subscribe to my blog for more posts like this. For daily style inspiration you can follow me on Instagram. Happy holidays!

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