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The queen of Tejano music, taco love, modern art, and Texas pride! What do all of these very different, but fun things have in common? Well, they are represented beautifully on San Antonio wall murals across the city, that’s what! San Antonio is a city full of beautiful art and murals. Some of the best I’ve seen for sure throughout my travels, and regardless of your personal style or taste, you are bound to find a wall mural that speaks to you. From influential people like Selena, to fun French vibes of macaroons galore, this post will cover some of the top wall murals in the Alamo city, from your favorite local San Antonio girl šŸ˜‰ Let’s get started!

Macaroons & CoffeeĀ 

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17619 La Cantera Pkwy San Antonio, TX 78257

I’m starting this post off bright with some color and sweetness with this fun French inspired wall! This mural is large, colorful, and has macaroons and a coffee filled cup on it. You can find it at the Rim shopping center in North West San Antonio. It’s closest to the Rustic restaurant, so when you are driving around the Rim just put that address in your phone for the closest parkingĀ since the shopping center is large. If you are a coffee fanatic, or lover of macaroons you will just love this fun wall. It’s not going to get extremely busy, but there will be other people also getting photos with the mural and walkingĀ in front of it because of an attached parking garage. Tip: go early to have the entire mural area to yourself!

Modern Abstract

red romper
17619 La Cantera Pkwy Ste 204 San Antonio, TX 78257

Right next to the macaroons and coffee mural is this fun colorfulĀ modern abstract mural. This is one of three walls right next to each other at the Rim. The Rim San Antonio hasĀ done such a good job with their mural additions to the shopping center.Ā Ā I didn’t take a picture of the third wall, but it’s in the middle of these two and has a “comic-con” super hero kind of theme to it. Great for kids! What do you think about this one though? Super festive and colorful right?

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Greetings from San Antonio Mural

satx mural
2702 N St. Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212

If you come to San Antonio, don’t miss this “greetings from San Antonio Texas” mural. It’s located on the side of a building off North St. Mary’s street. It’s easy to spot right off the main street so you can’t miss it. It’s not a very big mural, in fact, it’s more on the small to medium side, but should not be missed if you care to grace your Instagram or Facebook feed with a good San Antonio mural. The mural itself includes some of the most famous and historical city sites like the Alamo and the Tower of the Americas. You can park along the street or at a near-by business. Just note that it’s a busy street, so be careful around the area. Tip: go during the day or in the morning to avoid the evening bar crowds in this area.

Let’s Fiesta Mural

fiesta wall 2

fiesta wall 1
2715 North St. Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212

If you visit the “greetings from San Antonio” mural than walk across the street from it and you will very easily find this beauty of a mural located in the parking lot of the FRX building. It’s the “Let’s Fiesta” mural. If you aren’t familiar with Fiesta San Antonio, Fiesta is basically a 10 day city-wide celebration with over three million participants and over 100 official events. People from all over the world travel to San Antonio for this event, so don’t miss your chance to get a fun pic with this Fiesta mural. On this day there was a large truck parked on the other side of the mural blocking the “Let’s” word, so just know that the mural is even bigger than what’s pictured here. You can park in the same lot for free with no issues for a quick pic, but not in the evening because of the bar crowds in the area.

Fiesta Store Mural

fiesta store mural

black romper
2611 Broadway St San Antonio, TX 78215

Keeping the Fiesta theme going…there’s another must get Fiesta mural picture located in the parking lot of the official Fiesta store off Broadway street. As you can see the mural is absolutely gorgeous with a pink rose backdrop and a woman wearing a flower crown on her headĀ surrounded by a circle of flowers as well. You can pull right in to this parking lot and park for free. There may be a few other people trying to snap a pic as well so best to go early. Side note: since you will be there anyway, take a peak inside the Fiesta store and purchase yourself an official Fiesta medal or other fun souvenir!

Texas Mural


If you are in the Lonestar state and visiting San Antonio make sure you get a good picture with this Texas mural. It’s located in a parking lot under highway 35 near downtown along North St. Mary’s street. I don’t know the exact address of this underpass,Ā butĀ it’s at the intersection of Quincy and St. Mary’s street.Ā If you visit here, you’ll actually see several pillars with murals and art on them. These murals just recently went up a few months back. When I visited, there were about ten done, but I think more just recently went up that I’m hoping to check out again soon. This one was one of my favorites because I’m a proud Texas girl of, course šŸ˜‰ Parking is free in the same lot.

Butterfly Face


This is another pillar mural located in the same parking lot. IĀ refer to it as the “Butterfly face,” but I’m not sure what the artist has named it. This is my absolute favorite mural of the bunch. The vibrant colors are on another level and the detail is insane!

Selena Mural

100 Beatrice Avenue San Antonio, TX 78214

I’ve posted about this mural before on the blog. If you are a Selena fan or music fan, this is a must see. It’s a mural by a local artistĀ celebrating the late Selena Quintanilla. You can find it on the South side of town on the side of a small shopping center. It really is such a gorgeous and well-done mural of the Tejano Queen depicting her face and long black flowing hair behind her. You can just pull and park for free. The day I went there was no one else trying to get a picture so you should have the entire mural to yourself with no issues.

Spurs Big 3

2758 E Houston St San Antonio, TX 78202

Whether you are a San Antonio Spurs fan or not, if you are Basketball fan or even just a sports fanatic, this mural is my favorite Spurs mural in my city, and we have a ton! This one depicts the “big 3” Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker in all their championship glory! You can find it on the side wall of a Phillips 66 gas station on the East side of town. In fact, it’s just around the corner from the AT&T center where the Spurs play. As a huge Spurs fan myself I couldn’t wait to finally get a picture with this mural and share with you!

Market Square Mural

market 5
514 W Commerce San Antonio, TX 78205

If you follow my blog or Instagram then you know I frequent Market Square San Antonio quite often. It’s a place for both the locals and tourists to meet for an authentic San Antonio experience of food, Mercado shops, pretty pedestrian streets, and yes even some wall art! You can find this cultural wall mural at the one of the entrances to Market Square across from the Viva Villa Restaurant.

I Love Tacos Wall

taco wall
103 W Grayson St San Antonio, TX 78212

Last but not least, in case you didn’t know this about me just yet, I am a true taco lover! I consider myself very “Tex-Mex” as we call it so you can usually find me with a bean and cheese taco in hand for breakfast! No really, that’s like a total normal thing in San Antonio. It’s called breakfast tacos, try it out, it’s life changing! So, if you are in any way shape or form a taco fan as well then be sure to stop by Taco Land to snap this picture and proclaim your love for tacos to the world as well šŸ™‚ Taco Land is a restaurant/bar in South-Town, and this wall is located at the venue. Side note: if you want another Spurs mural picture there’s also a “I love Spurs wall so much” across from Taco Land.

Well that’s it folks. These are just some of my local San Antonio favorite murals. I hope you enjoyed the read and photos. If you did, be sure to subscribe to my blog for weekly content. Also, leave a comment below if you end up checking out any of these murals, or if you have a mural suggestion that I didn’t already mention. You also connect with me for daily contentĀ on Instagram!

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