A Wildseed Farms Texas Adventure

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From the moment I stepped inside this Texas treasure…I knew it was going to be a spring day to remember. I spent the first several months of this spring season on the hunt for the best bluebonnet and wildflower fields in the San Antonio and surrounding area. I guess you could say I’m OBSESSED with flower fields and flower markets. I found a lot of good fields, but my visit to Wildseed Farms a few weeks back was so special that I was inspired to devote an entire blog post to it! So what is Wildseed Farms you ask? Well first off, it’s located in Fredericksburg, Texas, about an hour and a half from San Antonio, and it’s actually the nation’s largest working wildflower farm with over too hundred acres. I had seen pictures on Instagram of bright red poppy fields, so I set out on a mini road trip with my bff Sophie to check it out!

It was a Saturday, and we arrived just after lunch time. The second we pulled up, we were greeted by vibrant red poppy fields at the entrance. The moment we saw these fields, we knew we were in for a treat!


Wildseed Farms has a lot to offer. I hadn’t really done that much research on it beforehand (other than looking at photos) so I was not exactly sure what to expect. To my surprise, it’s actually a pretty big space with everything from an indoor seating area with blue bell ice cream and a gift shop, to an outdoor area with live music, a butterfly garden, and walking trail. They also offer wine tastings too, plus a garden with plants that you can purchase from, basically like a nursery.


At one one point, Sophie and I took a major break from shooting photos and just found a table outside under the covered patio to eat some bluebell ice cream while enjoying the band. It was a nice breezy day, and we were both so at peace in this setting. It didn’t feel over crowded either in the seating area since we were able to find a table with no problem.


To see my YouTube vlog from my outing at Wildseed Farms just click here

So let’s get to the main attraction of this place, the walking trail and gorgeous wildflower field scenery. We were there in late April, so we weren’t really expecting a big bluebonnet presence since bluebonnet season was coming to an end, but I couldn’t wait to see the red poppies! They had several poppy fields along the walking trail. Some were fenced off to just admire ,from a distance as a way to protect the flowers, others you could actually safely walk through to see up close and take photos in. We were there during the day, so it was hard to get photos without a lot of people in the backgrojund, but we improvised and did our best! Sophie and I literally could not stop taking photos!


Pretty impressive right? Here’s a few close up shots too. We did see a few patches of bluebonnets here and there, so that was an added bonus!


For this shoot, I decided I wanted to wear a long flowy dress paired with a hat. My hat kept blowing off, but other than that it was a lovely outfit of the day choice! My off the shoulder ruffle maroon dress is from Express and comes in black as well. It’s also currently on sale for 40% off. My fedora hat is from Forever 21 and is a good spring/summer/and even fall staple piece to own. I linked a very similar one for you since I could no longer find mine online.


In case you are thinking of seeing this place for yourself anytime soon, here is some practical information for you. There is no charge for admission, and it’s open year around, 7 days a week, from 9:30am-6pm. My suggestion if possible, is to go during the week and in the morning when it’s less crowded so you can get the best photos and have the place to yourself. If you must come on the weekend, then come early when it opens so you can beat the crowds and the heat! Also, this entire outing could literally cost you nothing since there is no charge to get in. Of course, if your heart desires you could purchase a lovely plant or souvenir, and get yourself a yummy ice cream while you are there! This place is totally family friendly, just be cautious when in the fields as to not harm any of the flowers! Again, if you find yourself in the Hill Country or San Antonio area, I highly recommend checking this place out!


So tell me, what do you think about this place? I still can’t believe that I’ve lived in the general area all my life and yet I’d never had the chance to check this place out. It just goes to show you how much fun it can be to get out there and play tourist in your own region! You can bet I will definitely be back here before summer’s up! If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for new posts every week. I just got back from France last week, so I will have plenty of travel guides to write up in the coming weeks. Don’t forget for daily content you can follow me on Instagram too! Thanks for reading!



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