How to Achieve a Modern Dining Table

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Elegant, clean, minimal, chic, unique…these are all words I strive to achieve with describing my modern home décor styling, especially when it comes to one of the focal points of our house, the dining table! I have talked a lot about “how to style” your dining table for certain holidays and seasons, but I realized that I hadn’t really shown yall how I style my everyday table.

This is basically how my table looks the majority of the year (say mid-January to mid-September) so it is definitely important. I also recently updated a few pieces that I’m so excited about, and excited to share with you. Most of the items below are from Z Gallerie, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Pier One, with another honorable mention. All the pieces will be linked below, so let’s get started!

Beaded Placemat


The first thing I usually set on my table is the placemat. I truly believe a good placemat is essential to serve as the main foundation for your table, and definitely should be good quality. This set is from my favorite home décor store Z Gallerie. When I first saw this placemat in person in store I was blown away by how beautiful and sparkly it was! This placemat is square shaped, and is made up of thick metallic beads. It serves as a great backdrop for your dinner set. These mats are on the more expensive side, so do be sure to take care of them because the beading can become unraveled easily.

Paramount dinnerware set

plate set.jpg

I love this dinnerware set also from Z Gallerie! I first purchased the entire set when we first moved in to our home five years ago, and it’s still going strong! In all fairness though, I don’t usually eat on this set, it’s strictly for show….and a beautiful show they put on! So, the set includes a charger, dinner plate, salad plate, and bowl. This collection is so modern and stunning. I can’t tell you over the years how many compliments I’ve gotten on this set. The collection looks super fancy with it’s metallic finish and almost opalescent look for that added shine with sophistication. It truly is the perfect modern dinnerware set.

Silver metallic napkin


These napkins are from Pier One, and I bought them 2 years ago for my Christmas table. I did a quick search on their website and unfortunately they do not pop up online, however I see these napkins every year around the holidays in store, so I guarantee you in about 2 months you’ll be able to find these in store. I did link a similar set above for you, but the set I have are definitely ideal. In the past I just had nice white napkins that I would purchase from either Amazon or Burlington, but then recently I had the idea of glamming my table up a bit with these napkins since I already owned them and because I love them so much, and it was a good choice! In case you wondering, these napkins are a lighter silver metallic material, but they aren’t too shiny if you are concerned about that. They really do add that extra to the entire plate set for a nice touch.

Jewel cluster napkin ring

napkin ring

Here’s a closer look at these beauties. This is the jewel cluster napkin ring from Z Gallerie. They are fully beaded in two shades of silver. They come in gold as well, but of course to match my table I purchased the silver. These rings are very elegant looking and modern at the same time. I like that to me, they add a little extra warmth to my table, because they remind me of a beautifully jeweled flower. You can purchase these in store or online.

Goblet glassware

glassglass 2

These are the newest purchase that I’ve made just in the last week. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw the fun photo I took from Z Gallerie right after I made the purchase (25% off too yay). Also, if you are wondering, I had a glassware set from Z Gallery that I had been using the last 4 years, but unfortunately one had recently broken, and when I tried to buy the single replacement I was so sad to learn that the set had been discontinued. So, this is what prompted the recent purchase. I decided to go with the Victoria stemware goblet set with silver trim. If these glasses look familiar to you from my blog, it’s probably because I also have them in gold which I use for my fall harvest dining table set. To see this style post called “A Modern Fall Harvest” click here. Anyway, I LOVE these glasses. They are modern and look very luxurious on my table. They have a silver trim on the rim of the glass, as well as around the crystal detailing. This set is exclusive to Z Gallerie. Tip: buy a few extra in case you have a toddler who may accidently break one 😉

Selenite slab table décor


This is a statement piece for sure! This conversation starter could very well just be a stand alone piece on it’s own, but the day I first laid eyes on it was styled on a dinner table, so I immediately knew I had to have it since I was looking for a new centerpiece anyway. This piece is made from a crystalline mineral giving off that iridescent stone, almost ice looking effect. This crystal mineral is also said to have healing properties and cleansing energy, added bonus! I’ll take all the positive vibes I can get, especially in my home! It’s really great quality and very heavy duty. I can highly recommend it to top off your already perfect dining table. This piece is just under $180, so if possible wait for a 20-30% sale like I did 😉


I also feel like I can’t end this post without mentioning our dining table. This is the honorable mention 😉 We bought this table from Copenhagen Imports (sorry can’t find it on their website to link) when we first moved in to our home five years ago. It’s a white high gloss lacquer table that seats six. It was such a great purchase and find, and the perfect foundation for my modern dining table and room. If there is a Copenhagen in your city, check them out! In January they usually have a “off the floor” major sale. That’s when I take advantage!


In the end this is what my completed everyday modern dining table looks like!
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