A Modern Winter Wonderland Baby Shower


It’s January! I hope you are all having an amazing start to your new year! Just to catch you up, or if you are new here to the blog, welcome! My husband John and I are currently expecting our second child (first little girl) at the end of this month! Yes, I’m due January 31st, and we couldn’t be more excited! Usually around the holidays I always feel really busy because of holiday shopping, and the fact that we host Christmas day at our home, however this year was extra intense because not only did I have the normal busy things going on, but I was also busy helping to plan my baby shower, which was just four days after Christmas! I am truly excited to share the experience with you though, and hope I can provide a little inspiration if you are also in planning mode. My theme was winter wonderland, and my take is always more on the modern side!

Speaking of modern, starting with the venue. If you live in San Antonio I can highly recommend the venue called Plaza Lecea on the Northwest side of town. The building itself is very contemporary and fresh looking. The inside is even more gorgeous! Their party rooms are on the top 4th floor. We choose the smaller of the two rooms which seated 50 people. I truly appreciated the grand entrance for all my guests. Just look how pretty! And as an added bonus for me the venue’s Christmas decor was still up!

grand entrance

I was also a fan of the mini entrance to my party room which was very elegant and instagram worthy! This is a tip I have for you. When you are choosing a venue and doing the walk through, do check what the entrance entails. These small details can sometimes be a deciding factor if you are torn between venues. For example, in this situation, I didn’t really have to worry about decorating the entrance. That’s one less thing to worry about! All we did was provide the maternity portrait, guest book/pin, and also a smaller 8×10 family photo of John, myself, and our son, which was also taken at my maternity shoot.

mini entrance 2.jpg

mini entrance


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So, now let’s get down to it. Again, my theme was winter wonderland, so I wanted everything to be white, silver, and blush pink. For our guest tables we choose this beautiful sparkly silver overlay over a white table cloth, and because the table cloths packed a statement themselves, I went ahead and choose a more simple centerpiece, which were these beautiful metallic trees from hobby lobby. We placed a little snow underneath along with a square glass mirror, and we were good to go!


Plates, napkins, utensils, cups were all bought on amazon for a very affordable price. We had to provide these ourselves since our venue did not offer in house catering. I liked this set because it was simple, modern, and all matched perfectly! Here’s the link to the plate set. 

table view

Next up was the food! As I mentioned, our venue did not provide catering, which left us to look for outside catering options. We were going to go with La Madeline, but my husband (who is such a great home chef) had the sweetest idea. He wanted to make the food for our daughter’s shower, and I was like awwwwww! So, even though we are not caterers lol, we went this route. Now, obviously this will not be the case with most people because not everyone can cook like my hubby (including me) so for food, I would suggest something light and fresh! We went with gourmet chicken salad sandwiches, a cold Italian pasta, a penne basilico pasta, sea salt pita chips, fruit tray, vegetable tray, sweet tea, and lemon water.

food table 2

Guess what? The food was a huge hit! Everyone really enjoyed it. We bought all the white ceramic serving platters from HomeGoods, and serving utensils from Target. If you are ever in need of any kind of white serving trays or desert stands, HomeGoods always has a good selection with a variety of styles and sizes for a pretty affordable price. Now that I have invested in these serving tray platters, I plan on using them for future parties that we host at our home. Great investment!

food table

Now, moving on to the desert table! This was my favorite part to style!

desert tray and me.jpg

Starting off with the decor, I bought blanket snow from Michaels to place around the table on the floor to set the scene. Then, I purchased silver cones to be placed on each side, with a silver reindeer in the middle. The cones were from hobby lobby, and the deer I bought several years ago from Big Lots. Then, on top of the table I bought white and silver metallic trees from At Home to be placed on each side. The main focus of the table was the beautiful two layered cake which was placed in the center of the table on a silver cake stand. If you are in the San Antonio area, the cake is from Cake me up pastries and was delicious!

cake use

Then I had six candy jars placed around the cake. I actually invested in these four years ago when I had my son’s baby shower. I bought them online from a random online store, but unfortunately I cannot find the link anymore. Speaking of my son’s shower. In case you are curious, this was his desert table (little prince theme).


As far as the candy, I went local to a candy store to purchase white, silver, and pink gum balls, silver wrapped Hershey’s kisses, and pink and white rock candy. My advice on the candy is to just stick with your colors, and not make it too complicated. I bought these cute little pink, white, and silver candy bags off of Amazon.

candy bags

To be honest, they were a little more on the expensive side in my opinion, especially because you do have to assemble them, but they were super cute and overall just what I needed. I bought the white ceramic dessert plates and cupcake stand from HomeGoods. I just made sure to buy several of the same shape and size. As far as the desert treats, since my theme was Winter wonderland, I choose gourmet snowflake chocolate dipped pretzels, gourmet snowflake chocolate covered oreo’s, and snowflake shimmer cake pops. I bought all of these items from a seller on Etsy called the Chocolate Workshop.  I can highly recommend. The seller was very easy to work with, and everything came pretty quickly. She also hand makes everything, and can customize it based on your colors.


Locally in San Antonio, I also purchased snowflake cupcakes from Cupcake Couture. It was my first time buying from them, and overall I thought they did a good job. The only negative thing, is that I had to provide the white cupcake wrappers, otherwise the shop only provided brown wrappers which did not match my table.

cupcake selfiecupcake

And that was it with the dessert table! Everything looked very polished, clean, and modern, just how I like it. And of course with this beautiful view behind the dessert table what more could you ask for!

desert table view.jpg

Speaking of the view, I have to take a second here to show off the beautiful balcony that was attached to our venue room. It came with a gorgeous view over San Antonio, and I could not have been more grateful for it. If you happen to have the opportunity to book a venue with a view, do it!

view screen

By the way, champagne sparkly dress and pink faux fur coat are both from Altar’d State. Makeup by me. Hair styled at Ulta. 

me and grand staircase

So we talked about the food, dessert, venue, and decor. When planning your baby shower, also make sure that somebody is in charge of games. My mom and I usually leave this up to my friends, who usually have a fun time roasting me! Love them!

crowd shotelly and me

So, that was my experience and tips to plan a modern winter wonderland baby shower. To sum it up, stick to white and silver colors mixed with whatever main color you choose. Keep the décor minimal and not too overdone, but still glam and classy! If you can book a venue with a view do it! And lastly, have fun with “snowflake” themed desert options.

This concludes my suggestions for planning a winter wonderland baby shower. I wanted to give a special thanks to my mom for throwing me this shower. I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment below and let me know if you have any questions. For daily inspiration you can always follow me on Instagram. And in case you’re interested, I will also be doing a modern nursery tour on my YouTube channel, as well as a “baby shower gift haul” video. Don’t forget to subscribe! See you next week blog!



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