Minimal and Modern Newborn Favorites

Hello and happy April! How are you surviving out there in home quarantine? Well I have been trying to manage best I can with both a toddler and newborn at home. I have to admit, one thing that has helped to take my mind off of everything is some online shopping for baby Audrey. These past two months I have found the cutest pieces to share with you including baby inspo raging from clothes to loungers, and accessories to keepsakes. So, if you end up liking any of the items below, I have linked everything that still may be available for you.

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger


This was such a good purchase. I use it mostly for show/pictures, but of course it’s very practical as well. I purchased it in the color “natural” which is a very nice neutral color.  If neutral is not your thing, there are several other colors to choose from. One great thing about this lounger is that it is made from 100% organic cotton. It’s lightweight and portable, making it great for traveling as well. Besides the fact that it’s organic, the design of this lounger is award winning, and super popular because it keeps your baby tight in place with a calming hugging sensation. It’s a good lounger for pictures, rest, tummy-time, and travel. I’m so glad that Audrey loves this lounger. When I do my little home photoshoots with her in it she falls right to sleep…like in this’s a little behind the scenes. I was waiting for her to wake up from her little nap 🙂

behind the scenes

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Pearhead Babyprints Photo Frame handprint/footprint

hand print

This is such a great keepsake. I purchased one for my son three years ago, and again just a few weeks ago for Audrey. This one includes a clean-touch ink pad that’s 100% baby safe, and also a place for a 4×6 photo. I chose this one, because it’s modern and looks great hanging on the wall. It’s also very easy to use. This is just one of those keepsakes that you have to get for your baby. It also makes a great gift. There are similar items where you do prints in clay, but I don’t totally recommend those because it’s a hit or miss. I bought one once as an ornament and it came out great, but a few months ago I bought another one off Amazon (different brand) and it didn’t come out right. So, that’s  why I’m recommending the ink prints instead to you.

BIBS Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier


Absolutely love these pacifiers. I saw them first on Instagram, and loved the classic clean look of them. They are really popular worldwide for being 100% natural rubber pacifiers. They come in several colors, and you can buy them in pairs like I did. I went with the blush/ivory combo and couldn’t be happier. They are suitable for 0-6 months. Audrey took to them right away, which is great because I had another pacifier from Target that she didn’t like, I’m assuming because it was too hard around the mouth. Not this brand though! A pair of two is under $15 dollars.

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Mushie Cleo Pacifier Clip

pacifier clip

These are such a cute & fun pacifier accessory that are handmade by moms in the USA. It clips on very easily, and there are several different style/color options to choose from. The beads are made from 100% food grade silicone, and are 100% non-toxic and odorless. I love the look of them. They are effortlessly modern and chic, and look great in photos!

Baby milestone blocks


These are the perfect milestone plaques if you are looking for a modern set for photo taking. They are made from natural, unfinished wood, and are such a great keepsake. They come with 14 circular plaques for each month, as well as a “one week old” and “I’m here plaque.” They also come packaged in a cute cotton bag, making them perfect for gifting. Overall, I really like the look of these cards. They are sophisticated and classy, and the writing looks fancy. I’ve seen others where the writing on the blocks look a little amateur if you know what I mean, but not these!

Baby milestone blocks

blocksblocks 2

These were the first set of milestone blocks that I originally bought off Amazon. The brand is LovelySprouts. I use both this set, and the previous one I just recommended. Overall, I really like these blocks. I looked at several sets, including some from Target, and just felt like these looked more modern. I also like that they are white. I saw a lot of other options that were brown or wood colored. The package comes with three blocks. Two are number combination blocks, and the third block has weeks/months/years. In general, when I shop for baby items I tend to look for pieces that are both modern and good quality. These blocks are made from premium solid wood, and have that nice matte finish, so they are definitely good quality.

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Spearmint Love organic ribbed bloomer

bloomers 2bloomer 3

Fell in love with these bloomers the second I saw them. There’s nothing cuter than dressing your baby in a comfy cute pair of bloomers! Spearmint Love has the same bloomer in several colors/patterns. So, if you like this pair I would just get them in a few different colors like I did! The one in this pic is in the color camel. These bloomers are 97% organic cotton, 3% elastane. Pair them with a onesie, high socks, and bow and your newborn will be good to go.

Spearmint Love organic ribbed ruffle footie

footie 3


Obsessed with this footie! It has ruffles down the front and back, plus I love the material which is very light weight and comfortable for baby. Spearmint has this footie in several colors, but I choose the vanilla! This is how I chose to style it for Audrey’s three month pictures.

footie 2footie 4

Quincy Mae Organic Socks


Love the look and feel of these socks. Again, sticking with my theme here, I went with more neutral toned colors. They actually come in a box of four. I was surprised how cute the little box was. Truthfully, these would make such a cute gift because of the packaging. The combo I went with is ash, copper, sea, and pebble. These socks go up just under the knee on Audrey (newborn size). They are so soft, and made from a blend of organic cotton.

Nylon Headband Set

bows amazon 2bows amazon

It’s official! I am obsessed with bows for Audrey. Around Easter time, I was looking for a white bow that was big, but not too big. I found the perfect set from Amazon. It actually comes with 15 bows in all the basic colors. The newborn size is true to size (12.5 inches). It’s made from a soft organic nylon material that is stretchy. This is good, because I know they will still fit Audrey in the coming months. I also like the band. It’s thin, and a neutral tan color. Overall, super happy with these bows, and highly recommend.

Letters to my Daughter Journal

These are such great keepsakes. I have two. One for my son John from a few years ago, and a new one that I just bought a few months ago when Audrey was born. The ones I am sharing with you are more of a journal entry style. There are others that you write in, and attach pictures too. Personally, I just wanted a simple one that I could journal in daily. This one I recently got is light weight and a great price. If you don’t like the print I chose, there are other prints in the exact same style.

So, that about rounds out my top picks for recent baby finds. I should also mention that if you are looking for baby gifts, all these items really pair well together which hopefully helps you out. If you liked this kind of post, I plan on doing monthly baby inspo posts since I’m constantly buying/finding new things for Audrey 🙂

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