San Antonio Spotlight Featuring NatureSweet

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Happy Friday friends! We have made it through another week! I hope you are all safe, happy, and healthy. Today, I am using this platform to highlight a local San Antonio business that’s going over and beyond in the community to make a difference during these tough COVID-19 times. I’m so thrilled to spotlight San Antonio based NatureSweet.

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Yes, that’s right! I’m referring to your favorite little tomatoes 🙂 The ones we all grew up eating as yummy snacks, and in our salads and pastas. NatureSweet tomatoes have been in business for thirty years. They started up in 1990 just down the road from San Antonio in Divine, Texas, then eventually moved headquarters here to San Antonio where they have proudly called this their home for over 15 years. After starting out with only one product – cherry tomatoes now called Glorys – NatureSweet has built five greenhouse facilities in Mexico, and one facility in Arizona. The company owns and operates nearly 1,400 acres of greenhouses in North America, making them the largest grower in North America. Impressive! What stands out to me the most about this San Antonio business, is their dedication to their associates who raise and grow the tomatoes from seeds to vines, basically from start to finish, making them the single most important part of the organization.

So, with such a passion for dedication and people, I can see why NatureSweet cares so much about showing support to the San Antonio community. Last week, a group of local San Antonio hospital workers received a big honor. The COVID healthcare workers at University Hospital received a Gold Award for Excellence for their hard work, dedication, and always going above and beyond. When NatureSweet heard about the award, they decided to show their thanks and appreciation to the hospital heroes by delivering breakfast tacos to them during an early morning shift change. Breakfast tacos! Yum!

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Photos by Celeste Elena Photography

They delivered in style of course! The NatureSweet branded vehicle was designed by a local artist here in San Antonio named Cruz Ortiz. If you live in the area, be sure to keep an eye out for their newly wrapped vehicle as they continue to show support in the local community.

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This act of kindness was very important to NatureSweet. As we all know, the COVID teams at our local hospitals have been working tirelessly day in and day out to take care of those individuals and families impacted by COVID in our local communities. We should all find a way to reach out and show a little appreciation to our local heroes, just as the Team at NatureSweet did. This is the kind of community support that I love to highlight and share with my readers.

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As I mentioned earlier, NatureSweet Tomatoes has been apart of my family tradition as long I can remember. I started off eating them in the household when I was a kid. Now, as a mom of two myself, my husband and I continue the tradition in our own home. The little Cherub tomatoes happen to be a favorite of my sons to snack on!

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Personally, my favorite recipe using NatureSweet tomatoes is in a Caprese Orecchiette pasta salad. Yum! I love this dish so much that we even served it at my baby shower for Audrey back in December! Just look how fresh and colorful it is! Perfect summer dish.

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Of course, for all the delicious recipe ideas just visit the NatureSweet website, and if you’re wondering where you can purchase NatureSweet tomatoes, they are sold at most major grocers, mass retailers, club stores, and food service operators in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Here in San Antonio you can find them at your local HEB or Walmart.

I hope you enjoyed this San Antonio spotlight piece featuring NatureSweet. If so, be sure to leave a comment below, and of course let’s all continue to support local business in your area. For daily content you can follow me on Instagram. See you next week friends. Stay safe!



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