Our Nursery Reveal: A Modern & Minimal Nursery Space

welcome to my crib

Hi friends! I’m so excited to finally be unveiling Audrey’s nursery to the world! Just keeping it real, I should of done this post months ago because Audrey is already seven months, but perhaps this is better timing because there are a few little extras that we added over the past couple of months that I’m so excited to share with yall.

First off, if you like modern dΓ©cor, than you will definitely appreciate Audrey’s modern nursery. We don’t have an exact theme in the nursery, but unofficially the theme is “ballerinas and bows,” so yes very girly! You will see touches of that throughout her nursery.  As far as the color scheme, we chose a blush pink, white, and grey, again more on the minimal side. I truly hope you find some inspiration for your own nursery space, or maybe you can share this with someone who’s having a baby girl soon πŸ™‚ It has been my absolute dream to design Audrey’s nursery, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I’ll be sure to link as many available items (or similar) as I can throughout the post.  Feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions.

Let’s just start off with a bang and the big reveal. Drum roll…:) As Audrey would say (if she could talk) welcome to my crib!

nursery revealextra 2extraextra 3crib 2

The first thing we did was repaint the room blush pink from what was before a cathedral grey. We painted it ourselves, then added in a big rug from HomeGoods.  This rug was such a good deal at about a hundred dollars. I like the combination of gray and white in it, and it’s a pretty good size.  Unfortunately, HomeGoods doesn’t really make it easy to link anything, but here is one that is similar.


FTC: This post contains affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This small commission allows me to keep writing blog posts for you πŸ™‚

Next up we added in the big furniture items. This is the crib we chose.


It’s a 4-in-1 Convertible Crib which can eventually convert into a daybed, toddler bed, and full-size bed. We bought in on Amazon for under $150 dollars! It is modern, minimal, and white, which I love. It’s also a big sized crib. If you are looking for a smaller more compact crib, I can recommend this one by Delta Children. Because we live in a two-story house, we have two cribs, one for her nursery, and one for downstairs in our Master Bedroom. This grey one from Delta Children is on the smaller side, and has a more classic design to it. It also comes with the mattress and sheet, which is an added bonus so that you don’t have to purchase those separately.

delta crib

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This is the dresser we chose, also by Delta Children. We purchased it off Amazon. I wanted a white dresser to match the crib of course. This one has six drawers, which is great for space and organizing. The changing table is sold separately, but easy to buy together through Amazon.

dresserchanging table

I looked hard for a ballerina sheet, and was lucky to find this set off Amazon. I had to buy them separately, but they are matching which is so great! So, one went on the crib, and the other on the changing table. It’s such a soft pretty print!


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Speaking of the changing table, you want that space to be as organized and as practical as possible. I looked very hard for an organization bin to include on top of the dresser next to the changing table. I know it seems like a small thing, but I’m very picky πŸ˜‰ I wanted a modern piece and found this one from Pottery Barn Kids.


It actually comes in a set of two different sizes, but you do have to buy them separately. The one that I have is called the “table storage”. The other bin is wider and is called “diaper caddy.” These are also nice from Amazon. Tip: Just keep the basics inside the bins, diapers, rash cream, wipes, a few grooming items.  I keep Audrey’s favorite teething ring  in this bin as well. If you happen to like this one, it comes in several colors and sayings.


The other big furniture piece we purchased for the nursery is Audrey’s beautiful glider. One tip I have when picking a rocking chair is to decide what is important to you the most. For us, I wanted something that looked modern, but my husband also wanted it to be not just a rocking chair but also a glider that reclines. Four years ago with our son John, we purchased just a rocking chair that was not a glider, and did not recline. It definitely did the job, but I have to admit this one is much more fancy and comfortable! I added in a beautiful throw from ZGallerie and everything came together. By the way, ZGallerie carries this same throw in about fifteen colors so if you like it you are bound to find one that matches your nursery.


rocking chair 2

Now for the wall decor! I had this idea of creating a flower wall above her nursery. I started doing some research and found out pretty quickly that oh it’s totally a thing πŸ˜† So, you can have one made for you for example from Etsy, or you can just do it yourself. I found these flower wall pieces from Hobby Lobby (these are similar) and they range from $2 to $10 dollars. Then we just used sticky wall tape to stick them on, and that was it! We get soooooo many compliments on it! Tip: use a variety of flower sizes and colors to add dimension and texture.

audrey by flower wallflower wall

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Above Audrey’s glider, we also added a very special framed wall art piece. If you follow my Instagram, then you know how much I love the song “Tiny dancer ” by Elton John.  I had the idea of framing the lyrics in a very simple modern way above her glider. I looked online and found only a few stores that sold it, but the frame was sold separately. So, we decided to do it ourselves for a fraction of the cost and it came out so perfect! I bought this frame from Michaels, and we just made the print ourselves. If you prefer to just buy this piece already done, check out this one from Pottery Barn or this one from Etsy.

tiny dancer

Speaking of Pottery Barn, I actually purchased several decor items from Pottery Barn Kids online including this beautiful mongolian lamb rocker. It also comes in black. It’s a little pricy, but worth it. It’s a very unique piece that both my kids love! Tip: wait for it to go on sale or use a promo code. That’s what I did, and I saved at least $30 dollars.


Another fun piece we bought from Pottery Barn Kids is this jumbo plush toy stacker. It also comes in a medium and small option. I love that it’s both decorative and fun for baby.


We also decided to add a baby hammock swing to the nursery, and guess what?! Audrey loves it! I know this is something that can’t be utilized right away, but at first  it can be decorative, then when baby can sit up unassisted they will love it! I recommend this one I found on Amazon. Hardware is sold separately, but again Amazon will pair it up for you so you don’t have to figure it out. This one is also nice. 

audrey swing

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Audrey also really likes her new play gym and gym mat by Poppyseed Plays. I really wanted to get her a play gym, and was so excited to find this modern version. This one is similar. Audrey has been playing with it for a few months now and loves it! Poppyseed Play has a few different versions. We chose the wood and white option. You do have to buy everything separately. So the gym, toys, and mat all come separately, but of course then you can pick and choose depending on what you like. Sometimes I lay Audrey on her Snuggle Me Organic lounger so she can play under the play gym.

play gym

So,  after all the big pieces were placed we started to add in the finishing touches which included more decor and stuffed animals. We found the cutest little stool from Burlington, but this one is similar. I also stocked up on plush toys from Target and Pottery Barn Kids. I can recommend this one from Target, and this one from Pottery Barn Kids.

stoolstuffed animals

Another recommendation I have for you if you are wanting to add more decor is to install some shelfing. We bought this set from Target four years for my son’s nursery, and they have held up so well all these years in what is now Audrey’s nursery (my son upgraded to another room in the house).  For me, adding in the little decor pieces and framed photos is so special. We added this ballerina trinket and ballerina picture frame from ZGallerie to the shelves (currently not available online sorry). We also added a ballerina piggy bank from Amazon (this one is similar).  I was so happy to find it to go along with the “unofficial” theme πŸ˜†

shelf 2shelf 3shelf

As far as Audreys closet space, simple and organized is key. I purchased pink hangers from Target, and color coordinated her clothes just as I would in my own closet. I also suggest storage bins for all the “random” things that you do want but maybe not in plain sight.


So, what do you think of the space? I hope it gave you a little inspiration if you are currently expecting or know someone who is. Our nursery YouTube tour will be live in a few days, so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see this whole blog post really come to life! Also, if you have any questions about anything I showed you feel free to leave me a comment below. For daily inspo you can always follow me on Instagram. See you next post!

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