Halloween Decorating Ideas: A Modern Home

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Hello friends! Happy October! Where has this year gone? I can’t believe we are already out picking pumpkins and decorating for spooky season. Love it 🙂 Speaking of Halloween, we have always gone all out on decorating for the season. We love Halloween so much that we host it every year at our house. This will be the sixth year that we have hosted, and every year we try to add a little more décor and spookiness to the overall presentation.


This year I added some amazing décor pieces that I’m so excited to share with you. I’ve also included a few pieces below that I’ve gotten in previous years, but are still available for you. It’s only the middle of October so you still have time to order and decorate! Hope you enjoy this Halloween style post! If you have any specific questions on anything just leave me a comment below. Let’s get started.

Large Halloween Tree

Starting off with my favorite new purchase of the spooky season which is this 7-Foot Pre-lit Halloween Tree. It’s black with orange lights. You can also choose an orange and purple light option. The tree comes as either (1) 7 foot or (2) four feet options. If you decide to go with the two 4 feet trees it is about $25 dollars cheaper. Personally, I say just splurge, spend a few dollars more and get more bang for your buck. The 7 foot tree is gorgeous and definitely a stand out piece. It was delivered pretty fast too. Here’s how it looks styled in our dining room.

tree 2tree 1

Skull Sitting on Books

We have a big shelf in our living room that I absolutely love decorating for each season. This year I bought I several cool pieces for it, including this Skull sitting on books from the Holiday Aisle brand. This would also make the perfect tabletop decoration. It’s the perfect medium size at about 9 inches tall. The piece features a glaring hollow-eyed skull wearing a gold crown with a red rose clenched it it’s teeth. The skull is resting on three spooky books. The coolest thing about this piece is that inside each eye is an LED bulb that glows with a flashing multicolor light. It looks like such a good quality piece even just standing along without the lights on. So glad we added this piece to our home!

skull on books final

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Skeleton Couple

This is another cool piece I added to my living room display shelf. It’s this Love Never Dies Wedding Bride and Groom Skeleton couple dancing figurine. I told John this piece symbolizes us 🙂 It’s a very detailed and well made piece in black and white. It’s another good medium sized piece at about thirteen inches tall. This statue is hand painted and polished individually. It’s a symbol of eternal love, so some  purchase this piece as a wedding gift too. This statue is a little taller than the previous piece I showed you, but they still pair really good next to each other.

mr mrs skel

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Decorative Black Skull

We do like the skulls and skeleton vibes in our home for Halloween if you haven’t noticed! I was happy to find a really beautiful high gloss lacquer skull from Target, unfortunately it’s sold out online, but this one I linked for you is also from Target and very similar. It’s about six inches tall and is also available in purple if you want a pair. These pieces are great to add in around the house for décor. You could add it to an end table, on the fire mantle, dining table etc. This rhinestone skull is also really nice. I have one similar from Z Gallerie. If you are dead set on a black high gloss lacquer one like the one in my photo below, I did find this one from Amazon. It’s really nice, but a little pricy compared to the Target piece.

blk skull

Halloween Skull Napkin Ring

Ok, so if you follow my blog than you know I am obsessed with my dining room tablescape. During the year I have a set space, and then come the holidays I completely change it up. As far as my Halloween tablescape I decided the only thing to add this year were nice black napkins and some spooky napkin rings. Believe me when I say, it is sometimes ridiculous how picky I am. I researched long and hard to find napkin rings that spoke spooky (but not cheap) to me! I finally came across these skull napkin rings and thought they were so cool. Even though they had good reviews, I was still a little worried they wouldn’t be good quality, but guess what? They are! They are very unique, and just the right amount of spooky glam that I needed. They come in a set of 6. I choose the black with red heart eyes, but there is also a silver option with red eyes. I bought these black polyester cloth napkins to go with them too, and they look great together. Here’s some inspo ideas from my Halloween tablescape and dining room area. We do a black and orange color theme mostly, and yes this is Mr. Bones, he’s been in the family for about 6 years 😉

napkin ring closenapkin ring 2mr bones

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Embellished Pumpkin

Let’s talk pumpkins now! I’m a huge fan all things pumpkin! So, this year I added several new ones to the mix from Target. I’m actually super impressed with the modern look of these. They do not technically come in a set, but you can tell they were all made by the same vendor because they are similar in style and make. The black and white gold beaded pumpkins are really stylish and glam. They are 7.5 inches, so a good medium size. They are light weight in case you are wondering. This Trick-or-Trick Black Decorative Pumpkin is also really fun and compliments the beaded pumpkins quite nicely. It’s 8×6 in size so just a little bit bigger than the others which I like for a little dimension when grouped together.

white pumpblk pumptrick or treat pump

Skeleton Hand Cake Stand

I am about to order these gorgeous pieces this weekend so I figured I’d share with you too for a little inspo. If you do any kind of Halloween festivities or hosting in your home then like me, you need these 🙂 I rarely find serveware like this, that are so unique, modern, and good quality for Halloween. So, I was beyond excited to find these online from Pottery Barn. The Skeleton Hand Cake Stand is currently on clearance ($25 dollar savings). It’s perfect to hold cupcakes, a cake, or appetizers. Both the base and hand are made from aluminum, and the glass platter is removable. The Skeleton Hand Punch Bowl with Ladle pairs just perfect with it. I have a table that I use every year as my “desert” table, so what I plan on doing is adding both these pieces to it surrounded by a few decorations, and I know everything will look so nice and presentable.

12 Foot Inflatable Pumpkin

We have several large (6 – 12 foot) pumpkin inflatables for the outside of our home for Halloween. We have had both for about 5 years. One is from Target and the other from Party City. The exact ones are no longer available, but this 12 Foot Fire and Ice Pumpkin is very similar, and this 12 Foot Sign Giant Pumpkin is also nice, and better priced too. The kids absolutely love these large inflatables, and we always get so many compliments from family and trick-or-treating neighbors!


Animated Floating Pennywise

This was our big purchase last year. It’s this super creepy 72 inches tall Floating Pennywise from “It.” It’s sensor activated, so Pennywise moves, talks, and his eyes light up when you get close enough. This is an officially licensed Warner Bros. product that features Pennywise holding red balloons, and moving from side to side as if he is floating. Pricy, but totally worth it! Check him out!


So what do you think of this pieces? Which is your fav? For me, this year my favorite investment is the Black Halloween Tree. I know I’m going to  get a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” because of it. Plus, I can also use it as a prop for Halloween photos every year too.  Hope you found some inspiration with these pieces. If you have any questions about anything just leave me a comment below. You can also follow me on Instagram for daily content. See you next week with another post!

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