Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

By Priscilla Gutierrez

1. Be Prepared at the Airport 

We've done both short and long flights with the kids, including 15- and 20-hour flights to Europe. Here are my top tips. 

1. Book the extra leg room. 

2. Bring lots of snacks. Nothing too sugary. 

3. Bring their favorite toys, but don't take them out until absolutely necessary.  4. Download their favorite movies on a device to watch. 5. Sticker books!

2. Bring the correct travel gear for traveling with toddlers. 

I suggest umbrella strollers, jogging strollers, compact travel car seat, and/or a backpack carrier like this one we used in Santorini. 

3. Plan some fun activities for the kids. 

Some great ideas would be local playgrounds, theme parks, aquariums, & pool time!

Here's my husband & then 2 year old riding rides at the Santa Monica Pier!

And that time we found a playground in Monaco that also had one of the most amazing views I've ever seen. 

4. Consider booking a bigger accommodation so the kids have more room to run around and unwind. 

We usually book a rental property on a website like VRBO or Airbnb. Having more space with kids is so beneficial when traveling. 

5. Plan ahead with your dining experiences.  

Don't be afraid to dine out with your toddler while traveling. Maybe not every night, but you still shouldn't miss out. Make reservations and request your high chair. 

6. Be flexible with your schedule. 

Of course you should have a plan, but just know that you may have to adjust in real time due to the kids needing an extra nap or being tired from traveling and that's ok!

7. Take lots of pics and videos. 

They may be too little to remember all the fun times traveling so capture all the moments!

Click the photos below to watch our travel vlogs for more traveling with toddlers inspo!

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